Rick Thomas, Illusionist at the State Theatre

There is immediate magic in the venue as we enter the State Theatre. Rick Thomas Illusionist has invited us into his Mansion of Dreams. A magnificent location to ask that we should suspend our disbelief for an interactive and engaging show that lasts nearly two hours.

We begin with a video projection of their starting out from a very cold USA packing to bring the show to Oz. This prepares the audience in no small way for Rick’s attempts to disarm the audience as any illusionist will do. His preparatory set up includes that coming to Australia was also about a holiday.

At times we see his past and work with tigers, sharing more of his story of transitions. He shares of his family background filling us all in on his own dreams. The length of the show allows for this.

Thomas’s unique technique is no longer the tricks or the magic, as he himself says; anyone can do a card trick! He shares of himself each and every time and allows the banter to seem a little personal. The audience appear entranced and fulsomely enjoy. He brings a little boy on stage to enact a trick of levitation. We believe as the boy does. A little girl attends to levitate a table hand in hand with the master illusionist. He sends her back to her parents with a pin to always follow her dreams.

Rick Thomas has us on side throughout. His career has allowed him to develop a perfect ability to read the room. Much as an illusionist must to work their magic, he works the room. Despite a level of cliche sheen of its Las Vegas origins, Rick can deliver the surprise even when you have the expectation of the trick. His are grand illusions

His are grand illusions and deliberate mastery and much to the delight of the crowd he has at one point more than a dozen willing participants up on stage for a close up look see. People don’t need too much to be enticed as this is their fantasy too.

Throughout the very Vegas show, the mainstay is still family oriented, and the centre piece is the final levitation, and we are all a gasp. Then how lovely the entire company join the audience in the foyer for a photo opportunity.