Dancing around the issue schoolboys Xavier and Sebastian tease
and flirt with each other. They want to appear cool but still
interested in helping with study and homework. Accused of being
a distraction the cute response is: “You’re delighted to be
distracted by me.” The banter is continuous, sometimes awkward,
and seamlessly switches between text messages and face to face
conversation with clever use of lighting and soundscape. It is a
dialogue rich production which is engaging and attractive.
Xavier and Sebastian agree to maintain a casual relationship as
they move through university, their working lives, other
relationships and life in general. There are inevitable jealousies
and conflict about their other relationships and the amount of time
and attention they devote to each other. It is an interesting
discussion about the nature of friendship and how it changes and
develops over time.

Another subject explored is Xavier’s Asian heritage and its
contributionin his and Sebastian’s attraction to each other. There
are some interesting discussions about dating people from within
your cultural group and dating someone from a different
background. It is part of a wider discussion concerning the nature
and definition of atypical relationships, in this case featuring a
queer Asian-Australian, but just as relevant for all relationships.
The conversations between the characters are wonderfully
enhanced by the musical score, sound design and lighting design.
Accolades to Christine Pan and Catherine Mai as their work adds
entertainment and another dimension to the production.
The performers Richard Wu and Luke Visentin have a delightful
and tangible connection and Joseph Raboy displays impressive
and audacious versatility. Director Sammy Jing displays a deft
hand with playwright Eric Jiang’s fascinating script. Costume
designer Lily Mateljan is to be commended on her contribution
as are Rachel Seeto, Paris Bell, Alex Liang, Rikiah Lizaragga,
Jasper Lee-Lindsay and Aaron Cornelius for their work behind
the scenes. Production photography by Philip Erbacher.
RHOMBOID is diverse, inclusive, full of possibilities, warmth and
love and running at the delightful KXT on Broadway until
9th September 2023.