Louise Deibe as Lou and Rob White as Harry in Joanna Murray-Smith;s ‘;Rapture’
David Allsopp as Tom ands Kate Kelly as Jane in Joanna Murray-Smith’s ‘Rapture ‘
Daniel Ferris as Dan and  Karen Pattison as Eve in Joanna Murray Smith’s ‘Rapture’
Daniel Ferris as Dan and David Allsopp as Tom in Joanna Murray-Smith’s ‘Rapture’

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Dan and Eve, and then Tom and Jane, are in Eve and Tom’s resplendent harbour-side apartment, on an autumn evening, enjoying a bit of sparring between themselves, and awaiting the arrival of their long time friends, Henny and Harry.

Some months ago, Henny and Harry had something diabolic happen to them. They drove home to see their house burning down. The traumatised couple fell off the radar with their friends believing that they were starting to rebuild their lives.

Imagine their shock when Henny and Harry announce that they have been living it up in the city Hyatt and, in that time, they have come to a spiritual epiphany and decided that they are going to give up their successful careers, and  live out the remainder of their lives in Africa. 

This Joanna Murray-Smith play, first produced by Melbourne’s Playbox Theatre in 2002,  sees each of her  characters take a hard look in the mirror and find themselves wanting.

David Allsopp’s production does the play justice.  All the performances were good. Unfortunately, one of the actors dropped out, and Allsopp had to take on the role of the character Tom, and had a script in hand during the performance. Allsopp played the volatile writer whose life has been framed and structured  around the written word. Tom is the character who is the most aghast at Henny and Harry’s seismic shift.

Rob White played the role of Harry who had only recently been made Real Estate Agent of the Year and now felt that his work  was soulless, and was intent on turning his back on it. Louise Deibe was his glamorous wife Henny who had authored a number of best selling cookbooks and no longer had any interest in continuing wth the series.

Karen Pattinson plays hard working publisher Eve, Daniel Ferris plays journalist Dan who is cynical of Tom’s work, and Kate Kelly plays  a documentary film maker who has unsuccessfully applied for  another arts grant. Through the play it is revealed that Dan and Eve long hankered for each other.

The finely detailed set makes one feel like one is in a very well to do Sydney harbour-side apartment with stunning views over the harbour and some contemporary  artworks  on the walls.

David Allsopp and Geoff Jones soundscape was appropriately edgy when it needed to be.

Ian Ackland lighting design lit the stage well.

Joanna Murray-Smith’s RAPTURE, directed by David Allsopp, is playing the Pymble Players Theatre until 19 March 2023.

Pymble Players Theatre, 55A Mona Vale Road, corner Bromley Avenue , entrance via Bromley Avenue.

Booking Line : Online or 9144 1523 (between 11am to 7pm Mondays to Fridays)


Featured image : The cast of Joanne Murray-Smith’s ‘Rapture’. Production photography by Tom Sweeney