A girl who transforms into a dog, a magic puppet show with the power to change lives and a story about the mysteries of the imagination, that’s what is in store for readers of Ursula Dubosarsky’s Latest work ‘Pierre’s Not There’.

Lara had always wished she was a dog, and one day, just for a short time, she actually became one. This is how it happened. 

In a mulberry brick house on the harbour that Lara explores while her mother cleans, Lara  meets Pierre, a boy about her age with a beautiful antique puppet theatre. With his puppets, he tells her a story about a boy whose family has been eaten by wolves. The boy  is lost. He needs to find his grandmother. Lara takes the part of a dog, but suddenly she can no longer tell where she ends and Dog begins. Or is she Wolf?

Caught up in Pierre’s story, Lara has to fight to protect her identity – and her new friend. Can she help Pierre find his way home? 

Dubosarsky’s work is a par excellence fantasy/adventure children’s story

‘Pierre’s Not There’ is published by Allen and Unwin and available now. The recommended retail price is $16.99.