Andrew Chubb gave this Recital to celebrate Glass and his oeuvre last Sunday afternoon, 17th September, at the Independent theatre, Miller Street, North Sydney.

It was a masterful performance by him. Chubb is an Australian pianist composer and educator, the latter being via the Newcastle Conservatorium where he has been for the last 18 years. He is also a noted promoter of other contemporary composers and has premiered performances of their music.

Glass is a contemporary modernist composer, and his best works  are characterised by repetitive hypnotic rhythmic patterns which are often an underlay to striking melodic lines. The results tend to capture the insecurities and brittleness of today’s consciousness. Not surprisingly Glass’s  work has featured in a number of films, especially The Hours, the score for which earned him an Academy award nomination.

In this recital, especially in the first part of the concert, Chubb eloquently captured the nervous, anxious energy of Glass music, particularly in the Metamorphosis pieces and in Einstein on the Beach. Glass’ mastery of rhythmic cross textures was clearly on display in the performance of his  Opening from Glassworks .

Chubb’s deep knowledge of a score was clearly evident. The whole recital  was performed from memory. At the end we were generously given an encore of  another of Glass’ Metamorphosis pieces. Andrew Chubb strives for an empathy with his audiences and after the concert he stood outside the hall taking the time to answer any queries.

Phillip Glass is a musical icon. If you haven’t heard him before he is well worth the effort. Live performances of his work by artists such as Chubb are an excellent introduction to this composer.