Skye Saxon, Madame Witch Tarot Cards – Studio A
Priscilla Bourne, Matador – Our Neon Foe
Co curator Tian Zhang from Parl gallery with Feras Shaheen’s Kick Roll
J.D.Reforma, Imperial Leather – Runway Journal
Jaycee Kim, Gigantic Rainbow Plait – Studio A
Jenny Fraser, Trouble in the Camp – Boomalli Co-op
Maddison Gibbs, The Spirits Are Restless
Mathew Calandra, Fortress – Studio A
Naomi Riddle (seated) Editor & Hannah Jenkins Assistant Fditor, Writer Micro Residencies – Running Dog

Carriageworks NO SHOW features projects by eleven artist-led initiatives from across New South Wales. Based locally, regionally and online, the organisations invited by Carriageworks to participate include artist run spaces, studios and collectives, with digital platforms and publications.

With each group presenting a program that profiles early career and under represented artists, NO SHOW supports the initiatives that support emerging practices and ideas. 

Including the works of some fifty artists and writers, NO SHOW features ‘Whether the Weather’, a solo exhibition by artist Ella Sutherland from the Ankles Gallery; ‘Loom’, a group exhibition curated by Kyra Kum-Sing from Boomalli Aboriginalo Arts Cooperative; ‘Close Contact’ featuring five commissions from the ‘Firstdraft’ initiative, a conceptual piece by Knulp that navigates the complex relationship between art, labour, funding and philanthropy; an exhibition from ‘Our Neon Foe’, ‘Five from Five’ by new Parramatta based ‘Pari’, featuring an artist from each of their first five exhibitions, curated by Tian Zhang; ‘Radical Ecologies’, a series of videos from streaming platform, ‘Prototype’; a tarot card reading, rainbow plaiting and fortress painting in an installation from Studio A, an enterprise that supports artists leaving with intellectual disability, and from recently established regional initiative ‘Way Out Artspace’, ‘The Bitter Crust’, a group exhibition offering a remembrance.

The exhibition NO SHOW, curated by Aarna Hanley, is free to the public and runs from the 12th February till the 7th March, 2021


Featured image : Amy Claire-Mills, What’s Wrong With You – First Draft.

Photos of artists with their artworks by Ben Apfelbaum.