Artist Nick Hollo


On most weekends you will find Nick Hollow sitting at his easel with an oversized Akubra hat somewhere along the Bondi to Coogee walk. 

A disclosure, Nick was in my class throughout high school and later on when I discovered his paintings I was delighted by the vibrancy of the eastern sydney coastline – ranging from shimmering turquoise to ochre red. 

His current exhibition is at the Robert Dickerson Gallery in Queen Street Woollahra.

About this exhibition he writes, “Drawing with oil pastels enables me to quickly capture the light and ambience of places…THE INTERTIDAL ZONE is the area along the foreshore between the highest and lowest tides. It  creates a sequence of habitats from coastal rock platforms..tidal lagoons, salt marshes, and wetlands…The minuscule patterns in rockpools, mudflaps and salt marshes bear a similarity to the grand landscapes we see from the air. This serves as a reminder that the web of life on earth is merely a thin, delicate layer on the planet’s surface.”

And after years of wanting one, guess what – we bought a painting from this exhibition!

The exhibition entitled THE INTERTIDAL ZONE runs until the 7th April at the Robert Dickerson Gallery, 34 Queen Street Gallery.

Text and photos by Ben Apfelbaum

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