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mr gorski at the sydney fringe: off-balance fun

With public warning announcements and sirens blaring through St Peters Town Hall the audience of all ages was on edge. Flying in from behind came a body in a red and black suit falling on top of his red suitcase.

It was the dramatic entrance of a well loved festival star, MR GORSKI (Daniel Gorski) in his Sydney Fringe Festival 2018 show. A mime and variety show artist with a lovable endearing persona, the audience is immediately on his side.

Daniel attributes some of his inspiration for performing to his upbringing in an eccentric, Polish artistic family environment that encouraged creativity. Originally from Melbourne, he has performed at a multitude of children’s, folk and fringe festivals throughout Australia and is known for playing Jango in the ABC Kids show ‘Hoopla Doopla’.

The show is one of high energy and uses circus and magic tricks to sustain interest. Interspersing illusion with juggling acts up to nine blocks, hat tricks and balancing acts among other techniques, Mr Gorski is able to keep the attention of audiences of widespread ages covering three generations. His personality and clowning easily allows the audience to forgive any mishaps.

The performance area looks like a crime scene or construction zone with a few hidden objects and lots of caution tape. Mr Gorski uses magic and illusionist tricks to work out what to do with the objects he uncovers. At times he uses audience members who gleefully participated on the night. His skill in handling audiences was expertly demonstrated. He ensured that while members may participate, it was still his show, allowing them to settle back in a dignified manner, still happy. His training of the audience at the end before his last trick was well received.

Daniel is well supported by Duncan Maurice, Director and Designer and Lachlan McKendry for staging including sound and lights.

As with much clowning there are sad and anxious moments plus triumphs and with Daniel colour, laughs and final chaos and mess. Mr Gorski at the Fringe is a delightful way for all ages to spend 45 highly engaging minutes, though younger ones are likely to get the most enjoyment.

MR GORSKI [Facebook]is playing at the Sydney Fringe until September 29.  Tickets here.


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