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Streamed by the Australian Digital Concert Hall, filmed at Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, MOSTLY MOZART, under the direction of Timothy Young and Peter Neville, presented a most delightful and unusual concert, splendidly played by ANAM musicians.

First we heard György Ligeti ‘s ‘Chamber Concerto in four parts’. It is very complex and demanding, with an insistent rhythm and underlying beat. At times it oozes and flows, tumbles and cascades, which is contrasted with shimmering, quietly lyrical parts. Timothy Young jumps between piano and organ very energetically, and the work concludes with piano and double bass solos

Next was ‘Mozart’s Divertimento in D arranged for percussion’. The work was written in Salzburg roughly dating from 1788 for an outdoor event and features plenty of wind instruments – there’s flute, oboe bassoon, and horns plus a xylophone. It is blisteringly fast and yet bell- like and flowing at times.

Then came Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ‘Piano Sonata No.6 in D ‘Dürnitz’ Rondo en Polonaise (Andante) arranged for percussion’, which creates a tingling performance. It is in three movements, typical of the sonata form, and shows great attention to the precise structure of the piece, blending many layers of emotion, beauty of form and structural sophistication.

This was followed by the seventh movement of György Ligeti ‘s ‘Musica Ricercata’ arranged for percussion’. The music ripples, and is a give and take with a consensus between the four musicians.

Mozart ‘s ‘Piano Sonata No.11 in A Alla turca (Allegretto) arranged for percussion’, followed. A very different piece to everything else, this grabbed you. There was an entry with drums, cymbals and a curved golden topped staff with bells. It was extremely allegro, with a very strong rhythm  and left one enchanted and breathless.

The last work was Mozart’s ‘Adagio for Glass Harmonica in C’. This delicate, shimmering work features an instrument no longer played, consisting of glasses and containers of various sizes holding water stroked with circular fingers or here slithered by a violin bow, which brought the concert to a captivating conclusion.

Timothy Young director, piano (ANAM Head of Piano)
Peter Neville director, percussion (ANAM Head of Percussion)
ANAM Musicians


György Ligeti / Chamber Concerto (21:00)
Corrente (Fließend) (05:30)
Calmo, sostenuto (06:30)
Movimento preciso e meccanico (04:30)
Presto (04:30)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Divertimento in D arr. For percussion (04:00)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Piano Sonata No.6 in D ‘Dürnitz’
Rondo en Polonaise (Andante) arranged for percussion (04:00)

György Ligeti / Musica Ricercata  arranged for percussion
Cantabile, molto legato (04:00)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Piano Sonata No.11 in A
Alla turca (Allegretto) arranged for percussion (04:00)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Adagio for Glass Harmonica in C (05:00)

Running time allow an hour without interval.


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