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marty bright – all the small things

One of the advantages of the gig for occasional critic for SAG is to uncover parts of the Sydney Arts Scene one was previously only dimly aware of. Such as the theatre precinct of Enmore Rd in Newtown. Complimenting this are a stack of niche fooderies, such as a Turkish ice cream parlour and a wine bar specialising in cheeses. So going to the Enmore Theatre last night was a lively evening.

We saw Marty Bright there. There are a number of venues in the theatre and this was a small intimate one. There was a warm up act preceding Marty, Kyle Legacy from Manchester in England. Kyle looks like a white Jimi Hendrix. Kyle connected easily with the mainly young audience and there were lots of giggles and hoots for the ten minutes or so as he prepared us for the main event.

Marty Bright is an Australian comedian who has toured the US and Canada as well as starring in Comedy Festivals in Melbourne and Adelaide. Marty Bright is not his real name …it’s a play on it . He is quite handsome. You know those paintings of a bearded hippy Jesus. Think Marty Bright. Marty is one of those comedians that goes through life genuinely interested in the people he meets. Telling us about them, stirring the audience, there were plenty of laughs in this hour long show. And, I almost forgot to mention, Marty’s imitation of Elvis Presley is pretty good too.

Marty Bright is performing his comedy show again tonight – Wednesday – and Thursday night.



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