This was an astonishing juggernaut of great musical entertainment. It was full of catchy tunes with a young cast of pretty girls and handsome boys, always expounding the addictive dangers of the banned narcotic drug, known as the evil weed called Marijuana.

This was a delightful musical parody of the 1936 cult fake-news movie documentary. Concerned parents are lectured on the dangers of the new evil drug, Marijuana, that will turn all their virtuous teenagers into drug-addicted, sex-crazed, jazz music lovers, suffering from the munchies. Today on the cusp of global marijuana legalization and medical marijuana breakthroughs, and with the benefit of hindsight, this satirical musical provides hilarious hazy insights into our current political climate of  conservatism combined with bigotry.

For this huge ensemble production at the Fuse Box Theatre, a row of seats has been removed, to allow a large thrust stage to be added. Lighting design was just outstanding, and made this fresh production a stand out, and easily demonstrates what can be done with unlimited production budgets. It is very rare for most musicals in Sydney, but this production has understudies for the major roles. For authenticity under the constant supervision of an armourer, but filled with blank bullets, a real gun is used for each violent murder.

Maddie Wilson has a stunning voice that is just perfect for the role of Mary Lane. The five piece rock and roll band, were the best possible choice, and an important part of the enjoying the night.

This is a bargain night out as tickets are only $35 each, concession $25.

Beautifully staged and superb cast, this enthusiastic REEFER MADNESS was unbeatable and great entertainment.




Duration 130 minutes, including one interval.

STRICTLY LIMITED SEASON – REEFER MADNESS is at the Fuse Box inside the Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville from the 6th July until 22nd July 2017.


REEFER MADNESS is directed by Luke ‘Slap’ Beattie and Kyle Stephens

Music Direction by Kailesh Reitmans

Assistant Musical Director Olivia Oxley

Choreography by Sasha Saunders

Reefer Madness The Musical (1998)
Book by Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney
Music by Dan Studney Lyrics by Kevin Murphy


Julian Ramundi as The Lecturer

Jason Spindlow as Jimmy Harper

Maddie Wilson as Mary Lane

Sasha Saunders as Mae Coleman

Nicholas Gledhill as Mr. Poppy

Daniel D’Amico as Ralph Wiley

Anzjuli Venter as Sally Debanis

Elliott Falzon as Jack Stone

Also Starring

Ricki Jade, Molly Thompson, Maxine Rose, Nathan Kelle, Matthew Giles.

The Band

Kailesh Reitmans on Keyboard
Noa Kidd – Guitar 1
Nick Drescher – Reed/Guitar 2
Jonathan Seib – Bass
William Hemsworth – Drums