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This play is NOT about James VI of Scotland. It is about two American basketball fans’ devotion to LeBron James, the ‘king’ of basketball. It is a wonderful and at times hilarious play about loyalty and friendship. Written by Rajiv Joseph, of Cleveland, his two characters are loyal to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The play takes place over a twelve-year friendship.  Shawn meets Matt when buying tickets to a game. They end up going to the game together and their devotion to basketball, Cleveland and the ‘king’ seals their friendship. 

The two are very different. Shawn aspires to be a serious writer but ends up in L.A. writing a bland sitcom. Matt wants to be a successful businessman but ends up working in his mum’s antique shop. Shawn is a Black American and can’t fathom why Matt misunderstands his deepest emotions about race. When Shawn describes what is it like being the only Black in an L.A. conference room, Matt can’t think of a response.

Yet through all their differences, their unfulfilled aspirations and their disagreements, they remain mates. It is their honesty about each other that binds them. Matt tells Shawn that the TV sit-com he writes is shallow.  Shawn tells Matt he is self-centred. Each knows the other is right. And, each knows that their long time friendship is valuable in an uncertain world.

This is the debut production of Little RIPA Productions’ Aaron Glenane and Izzy Williams.  Aaron also plays Matt.  He brings 18 years of TV and film experience to the Old Fitz. He is a fine stage actor with an expressive face and energetic body movements.  Tinshe Mangwana plays Shawn. Tanashe, from Zimbabwe, studied at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He is a wonderful and powerful counterfoil to Aaron. Together these two fine actors bring the play to life.

The director is Bali Padda. Ian Kanik’s set can be transformed from a bar room to and antique shop within seconds. 

Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes (without interval)

Content Warnings: mature themes, appropriate for ages 12+.

On until June 29.



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