For a wonderful night of music, singing and dancing get yourself and your friends out to see Hornsby Musical Society’s production of Jersey Boys. Even if you are not an expert on the Four Seasons this top-rate production is a show full of “Oh, did they write that?!” moments as well as songs we associate with them because the band is part of our musical culture. The musical takes the band’s own story as its basis. Four blue-collar kids who became one of the greatest successes in pop-music history, including mob connections, bad debts, time in prison, amazing success, and downfall. All brought together by the wonderful songs as Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe wrote them.

Each of the band members get to tell part of the story to the audience so we hear various versions of the truth. All four are excellent in their roles, bringing to life this amazing story which unfolds over many years. Jordan Gallegos plays Tommy DeVito as the always self-assured and original leader of the band who begins by telling of its history as the members are recruited, the hard slog to get gigs and the underworld connections. Once Frankie Valli becomes involved in the band success begins. Sebastian Sabir is exciting in the role of Frankie as he develops from an uncertain kid to the star of the band and then rescues it financially and goes on to his own success.

Nick Hiebl plays the smooth and competent Bob Gaudio without whose song writing the band would never have had the success. Samuel Dobb is a great contrast to the others in his understated role as Nick Massi the fourth member of the band.

Numerous other characters, all played by talented singers and actors make this a lively and fascinating journey. These include Bob Crewe played by Myles Burgin, Gyp DeCarlo by Paul Mepham, Joe Pesci by Sofia Macri, Mary Delgado/Dance Captain by Rachel Bendeich Lorraine by Courtney Larkham, Angel by Maegan Chin, Angel 2 by Sarah Whitehead, Angel 3 by Sofia Guastini and Francine by Claudia Martinis.

Other cast members include the French Rap Star played by Aiden Smith, Joe by Michael Kingsley, Charlie by Ben Gibiec, Steve by Logan McArthur, French Soloistby Charlotte Turner, Norman Waxman by Tim Selby, Hal Miller by Karl Elbourne, Nick Devito by Toby Nunn and Frankie’s Mother by Stefanie Dobb.

An enthusiastic well-choreographed dancing and singing ensemble add to an understanding and appreciation of the effect the band, in its various forms, had on its audience and its changing fortunes.

Jacob Macri’s direction, in conjunction with Lauren Oxenham’s choreography plus James McLanders’s musical direction, create an exciting story of the dark and the light sides, success and failure of this iconic band.

Hornsby Musical Society is proud to present JERSEY BOYS.

Playing until 12th November 2023 at the Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill. Highly recommended.




Located in the basement of the Castle Hill Library Building.

Street Address – Level 1/14 Pennant Street, Castle Hill, NSW