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mush : a clown is in the house

Young children like to be silly, dress up, pretend, make people laugh and play games. Jeromaia Detto is an adult that has a weird and joyous comedy show that captures childish exuberance with grown-up wit and charm.

Jeromaia wants us all to embrace those wonderful and jubilant aspects of childhood and bring them into our adult lives.

MUSH was performed by Jeromaia as his solo show at the Sydney Comedy Festival 2022 and gives the audience an opportunity to cheerfully embrace its inner child.

With many props and costume changes the audience was entertained by various characters, such as a priest blowing bubbles, a waiter controlled by claps, a sadman, a neurotic jogger and bin boy.

Jeromaia skilfully encouraged enthusiastic audience participation, firstly as the priest’s congregation and subsequently as a jazz orchestra and in numerous other roles. It was a very funny show.

Jeromaia cleverly used a range of voices and personas to create characters and scenarios to entertain the crowd. He managed to bring out very funny and silly responses from the switched-on and generous audience. Even as Barry the tradie, who stumbled into what he thought was an open mic night, Jeromaia quickly adapted to unexpected responses and turned them into lots of fun.

Jeromaia has always been fascinated by the realisation that nothing really matters in this world, so we may as well have fun along the way and smile where we can. This thinking was further reinforced while he spent 2 years in France studying clown and theatre with Philippe Gaulier, most of which was during the pandemic.

This playfulness is what underpins his drive to perform and create positive performance spaces where crowds are encouraged to engage and join the fun.

MUSH was at Fusebox @ The Factory Theatre on Saturday 7th May.
The Sydney Comedy Festival 2022 is at various venues until Sunday 22nd May.



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