JENNIFER FOREVER perfectly suits this great venue, and is an intense and thought-provoking exploration of the complexity of sins and of learned habits within two un-married lifestyles, with some emphasis on the man’s evil fixation on young women, and this despicable taboo that is bad and unforgivable.

Brilliantly executed piece of provocative new theatre (for mature audiences), tackles by gleeful confrontations between the Man and the Girl, what is unfortunately an all too common evil in our modern society, and whilst initially misleading, but in this surreal reality, everything is not quite what you are expecting. They both choose to enter into a predatorial fight, but who is prey and who is predator?

In the schoolroom and at home, Dominic McDonald as The Man, is especially impressive as this middle-aged high school teacher keeping a dark perversive secret, about his unhealthy and illegal predilection. Gemma Scoble as The Girl, in detailing her observations about his controlling behaviour, does excel as an educated young woman who wants to be more than just a teenager, and we suddenly discover her true age.   To quote the Girl “I am not Pretty Woman, and you are not Richard Gere”, so which lover will consume the soul of the other?

Unpredictable storyline and delivered a totally unexpected ending that delighted the opening night audience. Highly Recommended.

‘‘Jennifer Forever’’ written and directed by Tara Clark and presented by Two Peas Productions between 17-28 September 2014 at the Old 505 Theatre, Suite 505 / 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills