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jane eyre by charlotte bronte @ riverside theatres parramatta



Charlotte Brontë in 1847, wrote the romance novel JANE EYRE in the Gothic genre “Bildungsroman Romance”, all about the amazing but fictional heroine/protagonist. The clever dialogue provides detailed social criticism that includes many topics, including poverty, class, feminism, sexuality, religion and Christian morality. We follow Jane’s moral and spiritual development during her life, constantly searching for love, from her childhood, firstly as an orphan, her education at Lowood School, her employment first as a teacher and then as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Later her romantic involvement with her employer, the mysterious and moody Edward Rochester, the owner of Thornfield Hall.               


Incredible original music composed by multi ARIA Award winner Sarah McLeod, and songs performed live by cast member Sarah McLeod, who was the former lead vocalist of rock band THE SUPERJESUS. JANE EYRE adapted and created by shake & stir theatre co.

The dark and immediate sombre mood reflected, in the design of mostly grey-coloured multiple level set, that provided every required location. The dull dark and gloomy set and minimal lighting, quickly set the mood. Four actors provide all the required characters, and everyone has multiple roles except for Jane Eyre – multiple roles are always a gift for actors – at the curtain call, the four actors took their bows.

shake & stir theatre co production of JANE EYRE – 2022 NATIONAL TOUR. Very worthwhile, honest and original production of JANE EYRE from the nationally-renowned shake & stir theatre co. All the brand new music/songs plus the sound effects, plus the real LPG GAS (very-yellow-coloured) flames combined with the fake smoke from hazers, the truely amazing cast (and especially the two swings), everything all together creates a quite unique atmosphere,  that very deliberately makes this new stage production of JANE EYRE the magnificent bold lucid drama that you must see this year. Highly Recommended.
Tonight all the NELLE LEE  roles, were performed by MADDISON BURRIDGE and she delivered an absolutely amazing performance. 
Tonight all the  SARAH McLEOD  roles, were performed by HILARY HARRISON with her absolutely amazing singing voice.

NELLE LEE (Jane Eyre)


NICK JAMES (swing)


Hero Photo by Dylan Evans.
Production Photography by David Fell.

Co-Adaptors / Nelle Lee and Nick Skubij
Director / Michael Futcher
Designer / Josh McIntosh
Composer / Sarah McLeod
Lighting Designer / Jason Glenwright
Additional Music and Sound Designer / Guy Webster

RIVERSIDE THEATRES presents shake & stir theatre co production of JANE EYRE

Show Times – 31st August 2022 until 1st September 2022.

Running time – 150 minutes (including the one interval).

EXPECT – adult themes, simulated violence and supernatural elements and will feature strobe, loud music and fire/smoke/haze effects. SUITABLE FOR YEARS 9 – 12 (Stages 5 – 6).

RIVERSIDE THEATRES is located at the corner of Church Street and Market Street, Parramatta, NSW.




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