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Jackson Davis has a celebrity crush on Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Davis has harnessed this crush and conceived a funny and entertaining show that draws on many of Hoffman’s film performances.

Brief scenes from many of Hoffman’s forty odd films are shown on monitors and simultaneously performed on stage by members of the ensemble cast. The performances are filmed and also shown on monitors which results in the audience having three concurrent versions of the particular scenario to contemplate.

Initially the live actors are mimicking a pose or an expression. This develops to a phrase and then on to movement and dialogue. It is fascinating to watch the filming of brief scenes, especially those involving action and movement around the stage. It breaks down some of the artifice of film making, to see the camera operator walking backwards, with assistance from cast members with the cables and props and also being directed through the scene by another performer. The third act is performed to a pulsating, energetic techno soundscape and this works exceptionally well.

The film scenes chosen display Hoffman’s immense talent as an actor. He elicited profound and very wide ranging emotions with apparent ease.

LOVELY gives insights into Hoffman’s performances from different and interesting perspectives. By the show’s close, the audience is in agreement that Jackson’s celebrity crush on Phillip Seymour Hoffman is fully justified. The show has made me feel like I want  to revisit many of Hoffman’s films again.

This production has been in development since 2013 and the hard work has paid off. The action is fast paced and tightly edited. Accolades to the crew Carly Young, Malcolm Whittaker, Solomon Thomas, Emma Hoole, Pippa Ellams, Christie Woodhouse, Lauren Scott-Young, James Harding, Hannah Goodwin, Kirby Medway & Oliver Trauth-Goik.

LOVELY played the Pact Theatre, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville between the 11th and the 13th December.


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