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is it time @ king street theatre @ newtown



The play starts with very happily married couple, Eva and Jim Rogers, sharing their never ending, eternal love story. Both are in good health. There is definitely no rush to complete their bucket list.

In the second act, immediately reminded of the play LAST CAB TO DARWIN, but very passionately presented from a very different point of view, and imminent death becomes a much more complicated issue.        

In Act 2, Eva Rogers is diagnosed with a terminal illness, with painful death within a few months. Confronted with the morality and legality of being denied the right for a dignified death, painless methods are fully explored including via assisted euthanasia, and ultimately as assisted suicide.  

The rich territory of Christian doctrine is not mentioned, however the idea of death as “the undiscovered country, from which no visitor returns” is explored. Written by first time playwright, Martin Ashley Jones, IS IT TIME is brand new Australian play, having its world premiere in Sydney. During its fast-paced ninety minutes, you will question exactly who gets to make the decisions.

IS IT TIME (without the question mark) will definitely leave you with all the answers about euthanasia. We all know that we will die, but do not know when, however when confronted with terminal illness, you suddenly understand just how little quality time remains. The carefully crafted backstory for each character, verbosely descends into thesaurus overkill with a word or phrase, changed into a multitude of synonyms, repetition repeated again and again, with yet another a word or phrase with an almost identical meaning.

The cast includes Ross Scott, Sylvia White, David Luke, Sarah Plummer, Lauren J. Jones and Denise Kitching. Director is King Street Theatre’s young resident director , Barry Walsh. Production design is by Emu Arts.

IS IT TIME is playing at the King Street Theatre, on first floor at the corner of King Street and Bray Streets, Newtown, until 5 June. Performances Tuesdays to  Saturdays @ 7:30pm  and  Sundays  @ 5:00pm   

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