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This is the funniest comedy show this year at the Sydney Comedy Festival, and every night SEIZURE KAISER delivers fresh comedy material that is uncensored and almost one hundred percent funny, with a ton of killer gags that keep on coming. The whole audience was fabulous on the night of the show and was laughing continuously, easily adding to the mood and allowed the show to go into previously unexplored territory. You are vividly taken on his comedy journey to ultimately discover that SEIZURE KAISER “with humour, removes all the power of trigger words”.

SEIZURE KAISER continues to fully enjoy his fortunate life as a cancer survivor, he delivers his latest maniacal stand-up comedy routine with his sharp twisted wit. Encompassing his mysterious dark and completely hilarious belief, that each and every dangerous high risk lifestyle “trigger word” that via humour quickly loses power to offend, and all are actually fun and entertaining PLUS crude and rude when misused by SEIZURE KAISER to create joy, cheeriness and mirth with extraordinary volumes of laughter from every audience. Hecklers quickly joined into the mutual experience of having your every funny bone tickled, again and again. Seizure Kaiser is easily able to get away with politically-incorrect jokes, that other Australians wouldn’t dare deliver.          

The show started with the cleverly manipulated warning, that if you had any trigger words that would bring back your existing PTSD to leave the venue immediately. The whole audience constantly erupted into laughter, as SEIZURE KAISER turned each and every trigger word and each and every trigger phrase into what they are in real life, extremely funny in the hands of this master of mirth. Real life situations were turned completely upside down, to create constant howls of laughter and generated well deserved euphoria and exhilaration.

Offensive words, but also non-offensive words are manipulated to cause a reaction . . . Feminists, Nerds, Trans, Misogynist, Gay, Women, Vagina, Christian Jewish, Muslim, Arab, Lebanese, Bankstown, 9/11, Aussie, police, terrorist, et cetera. Seizure Kaiser is easily able to get away with politically-incorrect jokes that other Australians wouldn’t dare deliver. Highly Recommended.

SEIZURE KAISER in Trigger (word) Happy, can be seen at the Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville on the following evenings 4th 6th 8th May 2016.


Comedian SEIZURE KAISER is the M.C. at this years’ final from 10:30pm on 13th May 2016 at the Sydney Comedy Festival 2016 of the world wide smash hit “YO MAMA BATTLE!”. Comedians hurl awesome insults at each other based on your twisted suggestions, a total comedy delight that you must see each year at the Sydney Comedy Festival.







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