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How to spot the (star) signs : Popular astrologist Matt Galea’s spicy guide to life, love and everything in between

Matt Galea

Popular Australian media personality, journalist, and astrologist Matt Galea has crafted a comprehensive guide to the star signs aimed at a new generation. This is astrology made sexy, savage, and spicy. It is a guide to understanding your friends, colleagues and workmates, and yes, lovers and partners.

Astrology is always a good talking point. Whether you’re a true-believer in the stars or just someone who glances at their horoscope, because ‘why not?’, it’s still fascinating. As Galea says “from devout astrologers and toe-dipping cosmic cuties, to agnostics who can’t quite deny things are a bit weird when Mercury is in retrograde” this book is your guide to “winning at life”. Whilst that may be a lot to ask from one astrology book, it is a great read and a fun resource to have at your fingertips.I’m a Scorpio, one of “the beautiful weirdos of the zodiac”, so here’s a few things you might not know about me, courtesy of How to Spot the (Star) Signs. Let’s begin by saying that Scorpios are “the most maligned and misunderstood sign of all.”  The “brooding and mysterious nature of a Scorpio is not an act, it is the essence of who they are”. And what do I really want from my career? “Total world domination,” of course! But ultimately Scorpios are “just very independent people who find teamwork to be, well, an inconvenience that slows them down.”  

The real angle of this book is dating and relationships, so what do the star signs say about me and my Leo partner? Galea says upfront that this is a “problematic pairing” because we are “too emotionally opposite to make a relationship last”. On the positive side, we are destined to have “wild sexual chemistry”. I’m not about to get divorced because our stars don’t align, but it is intriguing to read. I can fully see that this book could be quite addictive if you were out there in the crazy world of online dating.

Matt Galea is a very savvy media professional and has repackaged traditional astrology for a new, younger, more self-aware (and more self-conscious) audience. This is indeed the “millennial’s spicy, savage guide to life, love, and everything in between.” As he says, “astrology is a guide, it’s not a gospel. Just have fun with it.” 

Whatever your age, or star sign, How to Spot the (Star) Signs : An Astrologer’s Savage Guide to navigate love, life and everything in between  is a great read and would be a perfect birthday present to give or receive.

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia, rrp $36.99; ebook $16.99 



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