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go your own way

Catherine Alcorn impresses in her show, GO YOUR OWN WAY
Catherine Alcorn impresses in her show, GO YOUR OWN WAY

GO YOUR OWN WAY,  Catherine Alcorn’s latest show about Christine McVie from FLEETWOOD MAC  at  THE SLIDE Cabaret Festival, fresh from the Adelaide and now at the Melbourne Cabaret Festivals is a slick, musically entertaining, and amusing presentation with songs we all tapped and bopped to.

Alcorn has a great voice, more than ably supported by just a four piece band led by Isaac Hayward on keyboard, Marty Hailey on drums, Lic Cecire on rythmn and lead guitar, and a charming Tanika Stanton covering back up harmonies, and support lines, musical and other.

The sound was great throughout with great renditions that ranged from “Say That you love Me” to “Tusk” and a beautiful version of “Everywhere” to the spine tingling “Go Your Own Way”.

The show was thought provoking also.

The glamour girl singers/ writers/ performers that make popular bands like Fleetwood Mac what they are, often beam and irradiate the stage like a supernova for a time, only to  dim or fall.        What happens to them after, other than a quiet retirement to a country house in Kent and a realisation that “missing you all” never stops?

I believe Fleetwood Mac’s great power came from the band’s willingness to write about their emotions. Last night’s show provided a glimpse and a different perspective on their rollercoaster ride through the eyes of one Christine McVie. Let’s hope we get to see it back in Sydney soon.


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