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(extra) ordinary (un) usual iii – the monologue project @ the new theatre


The third installment in this series debuted on Wednesday night at the New Theatre, with a host of new skits.

Created and produced by Pete Malicki, who finds his material in the everyday and the not so everyday, and weaves these elements of life into absurd, hilarious snapshots. Stories range from a demented office worker’s daily grind, to the sexually confused victim of a scam, these innocuous scenarios provide hugely funny results when given the Malicki treatment.

The audience is given a teaser of what is to come when one of the characters (Debbie Neilson as an obsessive bride) roams the lobby before the show looking for her groom. There are some familiar faces in (extra)ordinary (un)usual lll, like Rosemary Ghazi , but also some new faces: Matt Friedman and Luke Reeves and a very amusing Glenn Wanstall, who becomes possessed by various Greek Gods whilst speed dating.

There are too many highlights to mention, and I don’t want to give away any plot spoilers, but the stories are inspired: funny, heartbreaking and often with twists that you don’t see coming. Malicki has fulfilled his brief and given us a show that is as good as any mainstream entertainment, with a very talented young cast.

Featuring: Debbie Neilson, Glenn Wanstall, Luke Reeves, Matt Friedman, Raechel Carlsen, Tiffany Hoy, Yannick Lawry, Rosemary Ghazi and Miss Suzie Q. Introduced by Katrina Papadopoulos.

Written and directed by Pete Malicki.

(extra)ordinary (un)usual lll is on again Wed, 20 and 27 May at the New Theatre, Newtown. For more information and tickets see –      

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