EMBELLISHMENT is a collection of women’s stories
from across Australia and the world. The stories are
from contemporary writers from Indigenous and
non-Indigenous Australian, South Asian, Indian,
African American and Irish cultures. Wiradjuri woman
Aunty Cheryl Penrith tells the audience that “art is good
for your heart and your spirit,” which is a comforting
thought after hearing these women’s tales of a bad
actions and behaviours by people in their lives. Some
of these people were just thoughtless, while others had
malevolent intent, but a common thread concerned how
women in society are poorly treated and not given equal

Lucy Heffernan performed a story about dating and the
potential hazards ranging from unpleasantly bad to
murderously psychopathic behaviour. Hasitha
Adhikariarachchi’s richly evocative stories drew on her
heritage with stories about the djinn in the well, the
Festival of Lights, her first sari, and the confusing and
contradictory behaviours of her mother. Ahunim Abebe’s
story about needing a break from the pressure’s of
family life was sassy and entertaining.
The various stories were accompanied by Alice Morgan’s
saxophone, which gave a unifying feel to the stories. It was
delightfully offset by Susannah Lawergren’s ethereal
soprano singing. Di Bird added deeper vocals which
nicely balanced the performances of the music written
by Elizabeth Jigalin.

EMBELLISHMENT is directed by Lliane Clarke with
lighting design by Tyla Fitzpatrick and stage management
by Georgie Tyrill.
EMBELLISHMENT was previewed on Wednesday 9th August
at KXT on Broadway and the very short season runs until
12th August.