Jacob Parker’s new play at KXT on Broadway is the story of ten Year 11 students planning their Year Eleven Social. For these queer
and gender diverse students It is going to be the the best ever social, and best has different meanings for the groups’ members.

To some it means glamour, to some it means the wildest party ever and to others it will be about sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll.

This drama is a tantalising blend of coming of age stories, several rom-coms, discovering sex and defining one’s sexuality, the struggles
of coming out and the confusion of being outed. Jacob Parker questions why straights kids are often told that high school will be
the best part of their lives but queer kids are told that they will find these years hard but that things will get better.

A couple is seen making out at a party and this triggers an avalanche of gossip within the wider group, and doubt and introspection from the couple involved.

As this story plays out we meet the other
complex and diverse characters and learn about their challenges, confusions, joys and achievements.

While these issues unfold there is also the Year Eleven Social to organise and squabble about.

The sharp and witty dialogue bounces around between the ensemble cast members. The teenage angst weaves round the schoolboy
humour, skirts with genuine empathy and toys with misguided advice and manipulation.

This exciting cast is Fraser Crane, Ryan Hodson, Mym Kwa, Oli McGavock, Lou McInnes, Dominique Purdue, Connor Reilly,
Rachel Seeto, Kate Wilkins, and Angharad Wise.

Director Sophia Bryant has done a brilliant job with the impressive young cast members.

The production has benefited from the
impressive work of Set and Costume Designer Benedict Janeczko-Taylor, Lighting Designer Thomas Doyle, Sound
Designer Christine Pan and nd Movement Director Emma Van Veen.

DUMB KIDS runs until 8th July at KXT Broadway and is highly recommended. KXT Broadway is at 181 Broadway, Ultimo and
consistently presents interesting, informative and entertaining productions in a fun and welcoming environment.


Production  photos by Phil Erbacher