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cristina in the cupboard @ depot theatre marrickville

Cristina 4

Cristina has decided upon a self imposed exile, to live in a cupboard incommunicado. She feels that modern life is shallow and inauthentic.

Cristina, excellently played by Emily McGowan, is going to stay in her cupboard and examine her life, her family, her friends and the impact of significant events in her upbringing. Cristina has taken a different approach than Socrates suggested. As Socrates supposedly said at his trial, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He would rather die than live in exile unable to debate and engage with his students and fellow citizens.

Cristina is going to examine her life on her terms and only engage with the world outside her cupboard when she so decides.

Writer Paul Gilchrist has cleverly assembled characters to engage with Cristina to try and understand her reasons and the stance she has taken. They attempt to support her, cajole her into leaving her cupboard and to cheer her up and in the process reveal the nature of their lives. These characters seem to be appearing in Cristina’s memory or as Cristina’s projections of how they would behave. It doesn’t matter as it is the substance of their thoughts and words that delve into the meaty issue of living an authentic life. In Paul’s script there are lines of  poetic beauty that take your breath away.

This is a thoughtful and entertaining piece of theatre, encouraging us to reflect on how we live our lives and the traps that we should avoid.

Nyssa Hamilton as Lucinda is brilliant in her quirky role. Tasha O’Brien and Lucy Quill capture the immaturity and shallowness of social media obsessed Gen Y, as does Rachael Williams playing the sister, Anna, exploring the bond between siblings.

Teale Howie plays Gabriel, the nervy, good natured ex-boyfriend. Sarah Plummer and David Jeffrey play the parents. Their characters’ failings are nicely contrasted with Cristina’s desires. David Jeffrey also designed the set and lighting.

Director Julie Baz cleverly oversees a complex production. Liilian Silk and Thomas Moore complete the technical crew.

CRISTINA IN THE CUPBOARD is playing the Depot Theatre in  Marrickville until 20th July.



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