Comfort in Chaos (CIC) is an experimental group exhibition featuring emerging  Sydney artists and designers. The Exhibition is framed by the contemporary  age of rapid change and uncertainty and foregrounds arts ability to provide  connection and shared experience amongst the complexity of contemporary  life. CIC artworks vary in style and medium, including sculpture, contemporary  ceramics, AI-generated imagery, painting, and design. The works are bound by  their desire to respond to and make sense of the world. 

The artists exhibiting are Maya Barnstone, Zoe Baumgartner, Peter Bloor, Marianna Ebersoll, Maya Martin-Westheimer, Dylan Newling and Mia Rankin.

Comfort in Chaos presents three free programs; an opening Launch Party, an Evening of performances in the space and a 1hr artist discussion open to the public, creating a dynamic exhibition experience.
Opening night is Wednesday 9th March between 6pm and 9pm.

There is a music and performance evening on Friday 11th March between 7pm and 9pm with VEX and Peter Bloor and Billy Fisher. The bar is by Cafe Fredas.

A discussion between the CIC artists which is open to the public will take place between 1pm and 2pm on Sunday 13th March.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday 9th March and runs until the 14th March, 2022 at the Abstract Thought Gallery, 197 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

Featured image :  Artist Maya Barnstone ‘Lobby Dine In Service 2021 55cm times 80cm, Acrylic paint on board