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circa’s ‘peepshow’ : not a las vegas extravaganza but an exhilarating experience

This is not a Las Vegas extravaganza! It is, however, an exhilarating, often jaw-dropping, dynamic  performance by 8 very talented acrobats/gymnasts,  wonderful and imaginative choreography, a backdrop curtain out of which the artists emerge and depart like wraiths, a bare stage, save for a few props, intelligent and purposeful lighting, simple costumes [the minimum possible at times], well selected background music, and not a word spoken. The result- non-stop, thoroughly enjoyable entertainment! 

If one word had to be chosen to describe the outstanding quality of the show, it would be “seamless”. The artistry of each performer, and  each  group of them, at one moment blended perfectly with what followed, aided by the lighting and the music. Not one foot, quite literally, was put wrong.

It is indeed a variety show, including some comedy as well as some truly dramatic moments. In fact, one comic episode can certainly be described as titillating. The finale was artistic and entrancing, a rare combination.

It must be said that, thankfully only a few times, the background music became too loud, causing the problem that it momentarily distracted attention from the magic of the performers’ movements.

However, whether or not that is corrected in future performances, the show, as it stands, is a testament to creativity and sheer physical prowess. It thoroughly deserves the accolade reserved for the best in show business: when it ended, everyone in the audience surely wished it didn’t.

Circa’s ‘Peepshow’ created by Yaron Lifschitz with Libby McDonnell and the Circa Ensemble, is playing the Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House until Sunday 14th February, 2021. 

Running time is 1 hour and 20 minutes with one interval.





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