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Immersed in the protests of the early seventies
of Australia’s nascent gay rights moment, CAMP
explores the political and personal stories of
a group of people attempting to bring about change
and improve their rights, lives and societal
perceptions of this oppressed minority.

The name of the play CAMP is taken from the activist
group CAMP (Campaign Against Moral Persecution) and both are a riff on the term commonly used before gay became the word of choice.

Numerous critical steps and events
are recreated covering demonstrations, abhorrent practises in psychiatry, police brutality, television and radio appearances by activists and employment discrimination.
These events are cleverly intertwined with personal
stories of the group and shared activities such as parties and visits to gay bars. The drama includes the dynamics of the relationships of the various characters. This makes for interesting production in which you are reminded of the history and times of the movement, feel outrage at the disgusting injustices and are rewarded and amused by the personal stories of the individual characters.

Director Kate Gaul elicits impressive and believable
performances from the cast and Emily Ayoub, the Movement Director, is to be credited for the excellent energy and activity on stage.

The full creative team is:

Writer Elias Jamieson Brown
Director Kate Gaul
Associate Director Hayden Tonazzi
Movement Director Emily Ayoub
Production Designer Angelina Meany
Lighting and Video Designer Morgan Moroney
Composer and Sound Designer Jessica Dunn

Producer Kate Gaul
Associate Producer Robyn Kennedy
Production Manager Daniel Potter for Paper Jam Partners
Stage Manager Emma Maloney
ASM Lana Filies

Cast Adriano Cappelletta, Anni Finsterer, Genevieve Mooy, Jane Phegan, Lou McInnes, Sandie Eldridge, and Tamara Natt.

Highly recommended, CAMP is at the Reginald Theatre at the Seymour Centre as part of Sydney WorldPride 2023 until 4th March 2023.  

Production photography is by Alex Vaugh photography