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bruno leti series a life of images

This book about Leti’s work is a large coffee table book extensively, beautifully illustrated . It includes a forward, a bibliography and index, a list of the group and solo exhibitions Leti has shown in and biographies of the various contributors.

Curated and written by both Leti and editor Thomas Middlemost ,with contributions by other writers , the book traces many of Leti’s works from the 1960’s to now , and details the inspirations and media used for different series .Leti’s portrait series are discussed as well as his various work processes and how he cuts across various media (paintings, drawings , etchings , watercolours , photography…).Leti is heavily influenced by the Australian landscape but also his Italian background.

Leti lives and works in Melbourne. He is represented in national, state and regional galleries, as well as university collections across Australia. His major art awards include the Poll–Krasner Foundation Grant, New York and State Library Victoria Fellowship, Melbourne, and residencies at the Australian National University in Canberra, Grafica-Uno in Milan and The British School in Rome.

The particular media he uses to create each ‘series’ is documented and each series has its own short chapter with glorious photos. Most are abstract, with bold, free , swirling ,expressive lines and strong dynamic composition – or coolly , rigidly formal with crisp configurations. Strong verticals and /or diagonals often feature in the composition and a grid and horizon dividing line are a common feature of Leti’s works. We see how one series can lead to another -some , however are far more ‘ realist ‘ , or delicate and ghostly or thoughtfully blurry or concentrate on reflection and light. Brightly coloured series are contrasted with works in neutral tones. There is a great sense of place and the Australian landscape – Leti has been greatly inspired by both the Outback, trees and desert and cityscapes. There is a series inspired by the bark of trees and several series of Melbourne city scapes (eg Night River, Port Philip Bay – abstract and shimmering , or The Market Monotypes series ) and in particular Leti’s various studios . The Sky Cloud series ripples and tumbles .There is also a Catholic religious theme at times particularly of the Stations of the Cross and when Leti revisited his home in Italy. A series of monotypes is dedicated to his partner Grace. Towards the end of the book we see Leti’s series of painted poetry booklets and his Doors series.

An insightful , informative book .








286mm x 242mm



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