Tunks’ play is about the dysfunctional Post family and their friends, everyone has unresolved issues, their attitudes reveal the dark sides of just another typical Caucasian Australian family.

It is a confronting message piece, LGBT life is a bitch w hen you choose denial.

Ultimately it is a very satisfying drama about self-interest and personal trauma, filled with adult cynicism carefully blended with casual discrimination, racism and homophobia, including brutality, appropriate language and some violence. There  are sympathetic performances, that were always tempered with pathos and humour.

This extended family, all live together in Uncle Jimmy’s house. Mother Julie Post (Felicity Burke) has a daughter and a son, and now leads an awful life, that has been limited and destroyed by alcohol, but is waiting for Korsakoff Syndrome to take over her brain.

Uncle Jimmy (Wayne Tunks) suffered unresolved personal trauma when in school, and despite his best efforts, still has trigger words defining his emotional life. His sister Robyn (Emma Louise) is a single working mother who had non-identical twins, and they are now teenagers.

Her virginal teenage daughter Emma (Claire Johnston) has a horny porn-addicted boyfriend (Anton Smilek). Her teenage son Clint (Nick Sinclair) needs to make decisions about his identity, and together with his sister, he decides to take his female alter-ego into the outside world.  Issues are raised with his boyfriend Reid’s (Jasper Lee-Lindsay) personal struggles with his parents about his sexual preferences.





Wayne Tunks’ play  BITCH is currently playing The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, with on-site free car parking.

All photos by Robert Miniter.