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become the one @ riverside theatres parramatta

BECOME THE ONE is a wonderful slow-starting romance with effective dramedy moments for both men.

A wonderful romance that grows and grows.

Noah quickly captures fast lust from Tom, the famous AFL player.

Tom causes relationship challenges, as Tom wants to remain in the closet.

The familiar tropes, are expertly explored in the greatest detail.

Multi-purpose designed set, but a strange looking set. Fully used at every venue, whilst touring Australia, and the set created the necessary atmosphere.

Well cast, with believable and winning performances from both actors, and each backstory is fully explored.

Very entertaining play, but strongly disliked the structure created by the director, and the overbearing/ excessive/ annoying/ loud music that was used for the transitions between each scene. All of the energy and momentum gained during each scene, was immediately dissolved and evaporated with each commencement of the transition music.

EXPECT – Coarse language and adult content/themes/relationships, and recommended for ages 15+

Riverside Theatres presents A Lab Kelpie production of BECOME THE ONE written by Adam Fawcett.

Winner of the 2018 Playtime Award for New Writing. The project’s development and the premiere season was supported by Creative Victoria, a Jacky Winter Gardens Residency and the Victorian Government through the Pride Events and Festivals Fund.

Duration of 80 minutes, and there is no interval.

Chris Asimos – Tom
Mason Gasowski – Noah
Lyall Brooks – Director
Adam Fawcett – Writter

Promotional Photography – Pier Carthew
Production Photography – Jodie Hutchinson

8pm Thursday 19th May 2022
8pm Friday 20th May 2022
8pm Saturday 21st May 2022

Riverside Theatres – Corner of Church Street and Market Street, Parramatta, NSW.


TICKETS –|VLEN|G~/WEBPAGES/EntaWebShow/ShowDatesCombo.aspx




‘Become The One’ Pic Jodie Hutchinson
‘Become The One’. Pic Jodie Hutchinson
‘Become The One’ Pic Jodie Hutchinson
‘Become The One’ Pic Jodie Hutchinson
‘Become The One’ Pic Jodie Hutchinson




After the play ended, “the writers room” of directors/ writers/ playwrights/ screenplaywrights began discussing the merits of the play. Instead of discussing the play, there was heated and detailed discussion of the director and the writer. The ultimate conclusion was “first draft, play needs work, needs a different director, replace the music.”


DISCLOSURE – Riverside Theatres kindly provided our two Sydney Arts Guide reviewers, with complimentary tickets.





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