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audrey of the outback @ king street theatre newtown



The Eaton Gorge Theatre Company and EMU Productions are presenting “Audrey of the Outback”, directed by Juliet Scrine. Perfect school holiday entertainment, for you and your children, based on the award winning children’s book by Christine Harris. This stage adaptation of the popular novel, delivers a truly delightful classic tale.

The daily events of childhood on an Australian farm, during the 1930s is seen through the eyes of nine year old Audrey Barlow, who is growing up in the world’s biggest backyard. Audrey is full of hope, and has lots of questions, and is seeking answers, with both innocence and naivety. We relive the joys of being young, because young children of that age are not yet burdened with adult worries.

Audrey constantly wonders about the really important things in life such as, whether being a swaggie is lonelier than being a girl, and how many eggs can a chicken hold in their stomach at one time, is it better to be a cow or a sheep, and why are carrots orange? Join Audrey and her invisible friend Stumpy as they discover that friends are always close by, even in the Australian Outback. Audrey is determined, mischievous, imaginative and inquisitive.

This season features fifteen year old Darcy Scrine playing Audrey; Audrey’s brother Price is being played by sixteen year old Edward Atkinson; Dad and Toothless and Mr Akbar are all played by Ben Verdon; and Mum by Susan Kennedy. Darcy Scrine wears her hair in pig-tails and vividly portrays Audrey, and she is so much more alive than the Audrey in the book.

The delightful set created for this play, had the walls of her outback home, made from corrugated iron. Her invisible friend Stumpy is also made using corrugated iron. A 1930s outdoor toilet, takes pride of place on centre stage. Recommended for adults and kids 5+ (Please note all children under 2 are free, but must book a seat for the show).

School holiday season, from 2nd to 26th of July 2016 at King Street Theatre, Newtown.




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