Giving terrifying new meaning to the term Rent Control, APARTMENT 1BR is a C bomb fallout with the C standing for capital letter Cult.

After leaving behind a painful past to follow her dreams as a dress designer,
Sarah scores the perfect Hollywood apartment. The neighbours seem super nice and there appears to be a genuine collegiate community.

The only downside is the no pets policy, which she decides to ignore, smuggling her pussy in regardless of the rules. Pussy soon pays the price in a feline version of bunny boiling and suddenly Sarah’s new digs become a black hole.

The apartment block is an enclave of a cult which Sarah is inculcated in through torturous means, including a kind of crucifixion.

APARTMENT 1BR is a neatly crafted nasty piece of work following the well worn trope of torture of women by males and the female reeking bloody revenge on the male. It is of course, unfortunately, reflective of the real world.

So, too, is commitment to conformity. Conformity is the community’s basic tenet, that all tenants adhere to the same rules, that all transgressions will be punished, and that the ends justify the means, no matter how mean the means may be.

Writer director David Marmor plots the paranoia by setting his compass to conspiracy with detours into physical and psychological shock, traversing the terra of terror, arriving at an even more disturbing destination.

Nicole Brydon Bloom is impressive as Sarah, the lost soul who capitulates to the cult but retains some vestige of individuality.

Taylor Nichols as Jerry, the cult leader building manager and Giles Matthey as his Iraq war veteran right hand man are chillingly representative of pernicious persuasion

An unnerving view of Neighbourhood Watch, APARTMENT1BR gives a new lease on the haunted house estate.

APARTMENT 1BR is now available for rent- if you dare