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anthony skuse directs pomoma by alistair mcdowall @ kings cross theatre


There are only three potential kinds of scene, that hold together the structure of the plot of most plays, with fights, negotiations, seductions. Written with fire, and without the need for contrivance, POMOMA is a quickly paced and interesting journey of discovery of seven millennials, living in Manchester England.

The playwright was very mindful of audience when writing, fact versus fiction, and he has created a disturbing version of troubled life, of morals ignored but with a more singular story, all the better to ring true, easily articulating the small and important details of their lives, being fully brought to account.


Written not in real time, terrifying and thrilling with connected short scenes, but completely non-linear with each murky scene bringing the plot forward to the enlightening darkness at the end.

SECRET HOUSE is always re-redefining the boundaries of live theatre expectations, and they are forever curious and innovative, whilst always providing a uniquely Australian perspective to excite all your senses.

All roads lead to POMOMA , a gated but abandoned crumbling concrete island at the heart of the city. “It’s a hole. A hole in the middle of the city. Looks like what the world will be in a few thousand years.” Equally a conspiracy of lies, cleverly blended with lies of omission, plus plausible deniability. Ollie is desperately searching for her missing twin sister, however she uncovers a very dark secret nightmare, that is deliberately hidden in plain sight in the middle of the City of Manchester. Plot is very reminiscent of the 1978 MGM Hollywood movie COMA .

Alistair McDowall’s twisted thriller POMOMA was first commissioned and first performed in 2014 by the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and then at The Gate Theatre in London as part of the NEW festival of plays. In November 2014, first professionally performed at the Orange Tree Theatre, London. The production transferred to the National Theatre and then to the Royal Exchange Theatre in Autumn 2015.

Friday 24th January 2020 until Saturday 8th February 2020

Secret House presents the Sydney première of POMOMA by Alistair McDowall.

Starring Kevin Batliwala, Monica Sayers, Lauren Richardson, Amanda McGregor, Dorje Michael Swallow, Jane Angharad, James Smithers

Directed by Anthony Skuse.

Produced by Jane Angharad and James Smithers

Lighting Design Veronique Bennett
Photography Clare Hawley

At KXT bAKEHOUSE Kings Cross Theatre . Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William Street, Kings Cross.





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