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From three-time Paralympian swimmer, medal-winner and disability advocate Sarah Rose, comes a big-hearted guide to disability, full of letters, illustrations, learning and love.

A is for Ability and everyone has the ability to be kind and understanding. Some of us have abilities that others don’t. We all have different abilities and that’s part of what makes all of us unique. The ability to be what we are. And the best we can become.

Some people are born with disability, some people acquire disability, and ABC Disability educates, informs and illustrates these various forms, including those that appear invisible like autism and dyslexia.

Sarah Rose’s own disability is dwarfism and it’s no surprise that Dwarfism takes the D spot. She proclaims she is proud to be a little person and it’s OK to say dwarf, little person or person of short stature. But it is most respectful to use people’s names.

So ABC Disability is an A to Z of celebrating what makes each of us unique, featuring bold, brightly coloured artwork by award-winning illustrator Beck Feiner – including the Auslan sign for each letter of the alphabet.

Within the pages, readers discover new words, hear about different disabilities and conditions. The take-away for readers is this: our differences are what make us special, they’re a part of our individual uniqueness and they make the world a better, more interesting place.

ABC Disability doesn’t shy away from the big O – Obstacles – tackling them head on with a determination to overcome and is triumphantly followed by P which is for Paralympians, a perfect illustration of overcoming obstacles.

ABC Disability encourages kids to keep learning, stay politely curious and remember to celebrate what makes you different.

ABC Disability is an open book – come on in.

ABC Disability by Sarah Rose with Alley Pascoe, illustrated by Beck Feiner is published by Lothian.


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